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        Chamber News

        2022 Chamber Membership

        Purchase your 2022 Membership

        Register today for the Rotary Clubs Fall Fair Parade!


        2021 – What To Expect From The Dawson Creek & District Chamber of Commerce

        Dear valued members, both returning and new: We thank you for your support of our organization and the work that we do for you.? The board and staff are well into 2021 and working on the needs of our business…

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        Conference Room For Rent

        We are proud to announce that we have a conference room available for rent. If you are a member of our Chamber and require the conference room, there is no cost. If you aren’t a member, we charge $30.00 an…

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        Online Payments

        The Dawson Creek & District Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that we now have an option for online payments that will accept: Use online payments to purchase or renew Chamber memberships, or purchase tickets to Chamber luncheons! Online…

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